The Imo State Government has predicted that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) will disintegrate under the leadership of its new President, Joe Ajaero except something is urgently done by the workers to save the situation.

It disclosed that Ajaero has not only enmeshed the new executive into avoidable partisan politics but has a hidden agenda detrimental to the welfare of Nigerian workers.

Reacting to the allegations by Ajaero that the government meddled into the botched election of the state chapter of NLC, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba accused him of lying to cover his “dirty role in the sordid affair.”

“Apart from being a pathological liar, available information to government is that it was Ajaero that actually disrupted the election because he wanted to impose his stooge on the workers,”  Emelumba submitted.

According to him, instead of allowing the normal delegates to cast their votes in accordance with laid down rules, Ajaero suddenly changed the rules at the last minute, which the workers resisted.

He noted that when it became obvious that Ajaero wanted to impose one George from his local government area as the NLC chairman in Imo State against the wishes of the majority, the workers rose against the NLC leadership and insisted that the elections will not hold.

He denied that agents of the government attacked any delegate as alleged by Ajaero, and challenged him to produce any evidence of his claim, insisting that no government official was at the venue of the election. 

“It is unfortunate that  a reputable labour union like NLC now has a President that is not only clannish but impulsive and a liar as well,” Emelumba said. 

He disclosed that the security agents went to the venue to restore law and order when it was obvious that Ajaero had lost control of the situation.

Emelumba described Ajaero as a divisive leader who, few years ago, had formed a parallel  United Labour Congress when he lost the presidential election of NLC.

He said the man was yet to purge himself of such divisive tendencies, hence his decision to impose an unpopular candidate on Imo workers.


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