PDP Chieftain Cautions Nat’l Secretary Over Guber Ambition


A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Imo State, Hon. Franklin Ngoforo, has described the governorship ambition of the National Secretary of the Party, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, as inordinate, immoral, divisive and completely out of place.

Ngoforo, who is the Leader of Coalition of Imo Young Leaders, argued that it is a sign of desperation and lack of political decorum and moderation for a man who just began to occupy the highest position in PDP in the Southern Nigeria barely one year ago to turn around and declare interest in the governorship race of Imo State.

Speaking to newsmen in Owerri on Sunday, the former House of Assembly aspirant said the governorship ambition of Senator Anyanwu is neither in the interest of PDP, Owerri Zone, nor himself.

He therefore called on Senator Anyanwu to concentrate and serve out his term as PDP National Secretary, while also deploying his coveted position to ensure that the general elections in the state are won by the PDP.

According to Ngoforo, “It is bizarre, unconstitutional, unjust and a display of morbid quest for power that Samdaddy wants to run for governorship even when he is still in office as National Secretary of the PDP.

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“You need to understand one thing; a National Secretary is not any other officer of the party. He is the one who signs the nomination forms of the aspirants. So, he is a fundamental part of the intra-party electoral umpire. How then can Samdaddy be a referee and a player at the same time? Can’t you see that this will not work?

“Again, it is important to look at the morality of this so-called governorship ambition of Samdaddy. Barely one year ago, Imo PDP leaders and members supported him to emerge as National Secretary of the party.

“They even organized a reception ceremony in his honour. Why is he now running for governorship? Is he the only one in Imo PDP? Can’t he support Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha to complete his term that was unduly truncated by Hope Uzodimma? Why this desperation?”

Ngoforo added; “The worrisome part of this whole thing is that Samdaddy has carried on with this ill-fated governorship project in ways that are most injurious to the body, soul and image of Imo PDP! This is the reason most members of the party suspect that he is acting a script written by Hope Uzodimma to destabilize the party.

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“For instance, how would leaders of the political structure of the National Secretary always go to radio stations to attack their own party, calling for the destruction of their own party and insulting the membership of the State Working Committee?

“How would allies of the National Secretary divert and embezzle over sixty million Naira brought to Imo State for presidential campaign flag-off, yet the National Secretary shielded them? Have you ever seen the National Secretary in any of the campaign tours, rallies and town hall meetings of his own party across the state? That is not all.

“By the last count, Samdaddy has instigated over ten petitions calling for the dissolution of the State Working Committee and State Executive Committee of the party in Imo. Just three days ago, he brought up another motion in Abuja for Imo PDP to be dissolved. Dissolution of a political party two weeks to elections! Haba! This is a clear sign that he does not want the party to win any election in Imo State.

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“He keeps selling a fallacy to his followers, that the governorship of Imo State is the turn of Ikeduru LGA where he comes. By creating this sentiment, he wants to destroy the solidarity of Owerri Zone. He has forgotten that Chief Evan Enwerem was from Ikeduru! Fact is that in PDP, all the political blocs in Owerri Zone are well accommodated. 

“While Mbaike bloc already has the National Secretary, Owerri bloc where Uche Onyeagucha comes from will produce Senator and Mbaise/Ngor Okpala bloc will produce Governor. This is equitable and just! Samdaddy should therefore drop his governorship ambition and support the party in Imo to win elections”.

Ngoforo called on the leaders of the party in Imo State to probe beneath the surface and shun desperate politicians whose core motive is to keep the party perpetually in opposition.


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