An educationist, Dr. Nma Olebara has counseled lovers to shun sexual intercourse as they mark Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 10, 2023.

Dr. Olebara enjoined the young men to zip up their trousers while the ladies should keep their pants up throughout the celebration.

In a post on her Facebook page, the educationist and public affairs analyst said shunning sexual intercourse would staveoff unwanted pregnancies and STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) as well as lifetime shame.

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She further enjoined the ladies to wait for marriage before jumping under the duvet with their lovers.

She described virginity as a pride and precious treasure to be carried with dignity.

Olebara said; “BEWARE OF BRIEF DELIGHT THAT ENDS IN LASTING SHAME!!! Don’t listen to those sweet nothings like “l love you pass my mother, l na-achi”.

“You kept me sleepless last night, thoughts of you filled my mind, you are the apple of my eyes etc.

“They are saying it just for a purpose, to get you sexually. The moment they get you, they dump you to suffer the consequences.

“Let nobody deceive you. Save yourself from future agony. Be patient and wait for the fruit to ripe because an unripe fruit is bitter and brings stomach upsets.

“My young men, Zip Up while my young ladies should keep their pants up.

“Your virginity is your pride and precious treasure that should be carried with dignity.

“Abstinence remains the best option before marriage. Abstain completely from sexual activities until you are married.

“Don’t let this year’s VALENTINE’S DAY Celebration ruin your glorious destiny.”.


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