Seer Predicts Outbreak Of Disease Worse Than COVID-19


The Founder and General Overseer of the Living Seed Ministry, Prophet Chisom Ekwonna has revealed that the world would soon be ravaged by an ailment worse than the dreaded COVID-19 which took away many lives in its wake.

While many parts of the world are not completely out of the COVID-19 scourge, the prophet stated that the new disease will claim more lives than the COVID-19. 

Ekwonna made the revelation in a telephone chat with our correspondent Thursday while discussing national issues. 

He said;“There is a deadly sickness that will invade the world, more deadly than COVID-19, which will wipe millions of souls from each nation of the world. Attracting it would be through body contact and kissing. The moment one gets it he is gone.

“The sickness will start from one big nation in Asia. It will come like an influenza and infect the whole world immediately. It is coming any moment from now. 

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“Nigerian’s should pray against total war, a cold war, people will be slaughtered quietly. 

“Politicians surviving from politics should look for something else to do because very soon politics will no longer be lucrative business.

“I saw young men with one voice, they were not after tribal interests of Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba but speaking with one language. They were sent to eliminate, bring down corrupt politicians. They are coming for cleansing, not interested in any tribe.

“Time is approaching when anybody who wears dresses, wrappers bearing politicians image working on the road will be attacked 

“Thick darkness will envelope Nigeria very soon because God is very angry with leaders of Nigeria. It will create serious problems by heightening insecurity to the extent that as people walk on the road they will be kidnapped


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