A British-trained lawyer,.Solicitor Ben Achogbuo has expressed concern over the rejection of the local government, judicial and legislative autonomy bill by the Imo State House of Assembly IMSHA, describing it as a monumental failure of the APC led House of Assembly.

He said development in any civilized country springs from the local councils.

According to him, in the last eleven years, there has been no activities in local government councils as their headquarters have been overtaken by bushes.

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He maintained that there’s no way a country could develop from top-to-bottom but the other way round.

The lawyer opined that independence of the judiciary is the only way that will guarantee justice and fairness bearing in mind that the judiciary is the last hope of the common man.

He added that there has to be a clear separation of powers of the three arms of government for democracy to thrive.

Hon Achogbuo maintained that the vote by the IMSHA to silence the voice of the judiciary is undemocratic as the judiciary must be independent to play positive role towards the development of democracy in Imo State and in Nigeria in general.

He also believes that the independence of the legislature (IMSHA)is very necessary towards making good laws that will transform the state positively.

He listed such laws to include the rotation of the governorship seat of Imo State among the three zones.

Solicitor Achogbuo urged the IMSHA to reconsider voting in favour of local government, judiciary and their own autonomy so that they could always make laws that will better the lots of the people as law making is a serious business which must be taken seriously.

On security, Hon Achogbuo called on Imo State Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma to improve his security tactics by setting up a panel of inquiry to look into the mindless killings and destruction of lives and property in the state.

He was sad that due to security challenges,diaosporians didn’t come back in their numbers to Eastern Nigeria for Christmas and New Year festivities as many stopped in Lagos and Abuja

According to him for the first time in the history of Igbo land, traditional marriages were held in Lagos and Abuja instead Igbo land.

Hon Achogbuo sued for peace in Imo state and in Igbo land in general as nothing in life is more precious than peace.


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