The Traditional Ruler of Amawom Autonomous Community in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State, HRH Eze Peter Ezechikere Njemanze (Ozuruigbo VI) has identified direct sons of Njemanze Royal Family.

He warned those that are not in the list to desist from laying claim to being members of the Royal family.

Eze Njemanze advised the public, government and corporate bodies to be wary of those parading the “Njemanze” name with a view to duping unsuspecting persons in the society.

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According to him, Njemanze Iheanacho who died in 1920 had 20 direct sons, saying that the families are only those entitled to step into the Ozuruigbo Royal Stool.

Eze Njemanze told newsmen at the weekend at his palace that Njemanze Iheanacho categorized his subordinates in three parts: “Umu-Njemanze”, “Umu Nga Njemanze” and “Ndi Nga Njemanze” respectively.

The Ozuruigbo VI maintained that the throne is only available to “Umu Njemanze” while neither “Umu Nga Njemanze” nor “Ndi Nga Njemanze” should ever contemplate ascending the throne.

Eze Njemanze listed families of his grandfather’s direct sons as Umu Ohiri Njemanze, Umu Ihemeje Njemanze, Umu Onwuegbuchula Njemanze, Umu Johnson Osuji Njemanze and Onuegbu Njemanze.

Others are, Umu Samuel Njemanze, Umu Dominic Njemanze, Umu Ani Njemanze, Umu Onwuado Njemanze, Umu Onyirimba Njemanze, Umu Akapkoro Njemanze, Umu Andrew Njemanze, Umu Okwukalazu Njemanze, Umu Alexius Njemanze and Umu Amumabelam.

The rest are Umu Francis Njemanze, Umu Uhuegbu Njemanze, Umu Mbalaso Njemanze, Umu Mgbowu Njemanze and Umu Akuebionwu Njemanze.

Eze Njemanze described a report that claimed that Prince Charles Ezemurum Anumaku Njemanze hails from Calabar as not only laughable, callous, and false, but also mischievous and diversionary.

According to him, Prince Charles Ezemurum Anumaku Njemanze is a full-blooded grandson of Njemanze Iheanacho of the second generation.

He noted that late Pa Sylvester Akuebionwu Njemanze was the last born of Njemanze Iheanacho of the first generation.

The monarch also refuted a report which described Prince Harris Njemanze as a ‘nobody’ when issues concerning the royal family are mentioned.

Eze Njemanze warned those still searching for their real identity to refrain from maligning original sons of Njemanze royal family.

 According to him, for serving as Chairman of Eze Njemanze’s cabinet, Prince Harris Njemanze remains a prominent member of the family who is qualified to make input in every issue affecting the family.

Also speaking, Prince John Njemanze said that going by the monarch’s revelation, it is no longer in doubt to identify original Njemanze sons and those who are impostors.

He warned anyone in the habit of hiding under Njemanze name to perpetuate crime or cause public unrest to desist, assuring that the monarch would not leave any stone unturned in dealing with those law breakers.

Prince Njemanze maintained that Njemanze’s family cannot be regarded as a dynasty owing to the fact that Njemanze Iheanacho was never a king.


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