The publisher of Owerri-based Nigeria Moment Newspaper, Okenze George Nkwoji has blamed government and politicians for the rising security challenges in the country.

Speaking in an interview, Okenze Nkwoji regretted the poor funding of the security agencies by government which he said was responsible for the inability of the security operatives to secure the country.

Okenze Nkwoji, who is also the Traditional Prime Minister (TPM) of Egbelu Obube Community in Owerri North LGA of Imo State revealed that the poor funding has resulted in security operatives sometime negotiating with criminals to untie some knotty security issues.

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He said; “Sometimes when you look at the way they operate you discover that you have to blame both security agencies and the government.

“It is government that provides for their mobilization and all the logistics like fueling, etc. So, if the government does not do that, how would security agencies function?

“Most of the operatives are well-trained. They know their jobs but would they perform with bare hands? The answer is no.

“Check the police for example, is there any police vehicle that is in good condition? They are all rickety and without good tyres. Police vehicles can’t even pursue criminals on the run. Even the military now operates in civilian vehicles”.

Okenze Nkwoji noted that sometimes government does not get to release budgetary allocations to security agencies while at other times, allocations are released but not utilized judiciously.

He sensationally disclosed that the police resorted to negotiating with criminals when on February 11, 2022 he was kidnapped by some urchins because the police lacked the wherewithal to bring the malefactors to their knees.  

Hear him; “That is Nigeria for you. If government budgets the money and doesn’t release it, how do we know? If government releases the budget and it is not implemented or utilized for the purpose, how do we know?

“Honestly, I weep over our state of insecurity. I know it is very expensive to manage security in a society.  Assuming that you are under attack and you call the police, they will not come because they don’t have the wherewithal to respond.

“Take for instance when I was attacked February this year. Police was invited but they came there empty-handed. Immediately they got to my community, my attackers drew a line and ordered them not to cross the line.

“They chickened out and resorted to negotiations with the criminals. Otherwise, who are criminals to dictate to an equipped police team? But they could do that because they know that police is ill-equipped.

“These things didn’t happen in the past when police operations were adequately funded. Therefore, once government has not played its part, you can’t expect wonders from security agencies”. 

“Government is responsible for general insecurity in the land because it underfunds the security architecture for efficiency.

“No security agency is in a position for rapid response to distress calls thereby making criminals to take undue advantage of the situation.

“If it is possible, security agencies and government task forces should stop operating in civilian (unbranded) vehicles. This is because criminals have also resorted to that mode of operation which is the reason many people easily fall victims to them, thinking that they were police or task forces”.

The TPM is in agreement that the insecurity ravaging Imo State is politically-motivated, hinging it on the manner of ascension to power of Gov Hope Uzodimma which he said triggered resentment in some politicians.

He however appealed to those responsible to have a rethink bearing in mind that innocent citizens were the ones bearing the brunt of the gerrymandering of the politicians.  

Okenze Nkwoji also regretted that Ndigbo have no political agenda like the other two major tribes of Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani even as he said he believes in Mr. Peter Obi’s quest to clinch the presidency in 2023.

According to the TPM, Obi has proven to be an Awoist who will redistribute equitably the resources of the country.

Okenze Nkwoji also lauded the Imo State governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma for his recent car gifts to some traditional rulers in the state and urged him to go further by fully implementing the recommendations of the judicial commission of inquiry on lands.


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