Actress Nancy Isime Builds House For Dad


Actress and television host, Nancy Isime has built a six-bedroom house for her father and family.

The actress announced this on her Instagram page on Monday.

Isime who shared photographs of the house said she was glad she could finally complete and hand over the keys to her family.

She wrote, “Yesterday, one of my biggest dreams came to fruition. I ushered my daddy and family into their fully completed, finished, furnished 6 bedroom home and it gladdened my heart so much.

”I’ve been on this for years and I’m glad I could finally complete and hand the keys over.

”We also had a housewarming party with neighbours, friends and relatives in attendance, which also doubled as the part 2 of my 31st birthday celebration.

“Watching everyone congratulate my daddy with hugs and cheers made me grin from ear to ear.

His elated daddy effusively thanked her, saying the gift of the house has elongated his life span on earth.

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”When I asked how he felt, he said “This has added many more years to my life” amongst many other heartwarming words.This is also a way to thank my dad for letting his 17-year-old daughter leave home daily to chase her dreams of becoming a fully independent woman.

“At 19, I told him I was ready to live on my own and even if he had fears; he let me do that with trust that I won’t bring shame to the family.

“13 years later, I’m happy I get to also fulfill one of his Life Long Dreams.I’ve prayed, envisioned and manifested this day into reality, and I couldn’t be more grateful to God.”


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