An octogenarian, Ichie Dennis Ukandu has appealed to the government and security agencies to save his life and that of his family members from the hand of a lawyer, Ndulachi Ben Ukandu.

He claimed that the lawyer inflicted matchete cuts on him and hit him on his lower abdomen where he was operated upon early this year. 

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Recounting his ordeal, Ukandu who is still recuperating at the Abia State Specialist Hospital Umuahia said that trouble started when Ndulachi sauntered into his compound and he enquired to know his mission.

According to him, his enquiry infuriated the lawyer who vowed to show him what lawyers could do. 

He disclosed that the lawyer swiftly brought out a cutlass and made several attempts to butcher the him.

Ukandu said that he managed to prevent him with his hand hence he was cut several times on his hand and was hit on his lower abdomen where surgery was performed sometime this year. 

The octogenarian said he became unconscious after the cut and was rushed to a nearby hospital by one  Chisom Elendu.  

The crux of the matter, according to the octogenarian, was that Ndulachi was laying claim to the piece of land where he built his house and have lived for over 40 years.

He explained that Ndulachi’s deceased elder brother never struggled for the land while he was alive because it does not belong to them and wondered what came over the lawyer. 

Ukandu explained that Ndulachi had once sent an emissary to him not to trespass on the land.

He said he reported the matter to one Chief Monday Alaribe and the village head, Chief Kinsley Uhuka.

According to him, he had requested the duo to invite Ndulachi and other elders in the community so that the matter could be discussed. 

He said the village head informed him that the lawyer has refused to pick his calls or return same.  

One of the daughters of Ichie  Ukandu who was taking care of him in the hospital, Priscillia Uvo,  wondered why a lawyer who  should be a  custodian of the law will flagrantly flout  the law and boast  that he will prove to them that he is a lawyer.

She called on the authorities to save them from the hands of the lawyer who has vowed to use thugs and soldiers to deal with them.

When the reporter contacted Barr Ndulachi on phone, to respond to the allegations, he said that it is mere a family issue, stating that they are only tying to scandalize the legal profession.


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