Governors Are Greatest Threats To Nigeria’s Unity, Says Bishop


The governors of the 36 states have been identified as the greatest threats facing Nigeria’s democracy and oneness.

The Prelate of Our Lord Sanctuary Gospel Church, Nigeria, Bishop Udo Azogu made the assertion in a post on his facebook page recently.

According to Bishop Azogu, the governors have continued to pose a serious threat to the country’s corporate existence by emasculating other arms and tiers of government in their states.

He regretted that the judiciary, state legislatures and local government councils have remained under the vice grips of the governors in their states thereby jeopardizing governance in the country.

Bishop Azogu also pointed out that governors of the ruling party also form a clique to whittle down the powers of the presidency and render it impotent.

He noted that the governors flout with impunity presidential executive orders on financial and administrative autonomy to state judiciary, legislatures and local government councils.

According to him, the financial and administrative autonomy was designed to give the people more access to democratic deliverables.

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Bishop Azogu said; “The most significant existential threat to Nigeria’s corporate existence is from State Governors who emasculate other arms and tiers of government in their constituencies, such as the state judiciary, the state legislature and the local Government administration – thereby creating dangerous gaps in governance. 

“Governors of the ruling party form powerful cliques to whittle the powers of the presidency and render it impotent. This is why the Presidential Executive Orders on financial and administrative autonomy for state judiciary, state legislature, and local government administration designed to give Nigerians greater access to democratic deliverables have been dislocated with impunity by state governors”.

The cleric also faulted the prevailing system in the country, saying the country was heading to the precipice except the system is rejigged.


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