Imo Community Opposes Recognition Of Nwosu As Monarch


The people of Obiangwu Community in Ngor Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State, have alerted the governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma over the plan to cause bloodshed, breakdown of law and order in the community by one Chief G. C. Nwosu.

The people operating under the auspices of Concerned Citizens of Obiangwu, accused Nwosu of surreptitiously obtaining a court judgement and willfully excluding the major part of the community as defendants in the said suit.

The community’s stand is contained in a letter it sent to the governor through the Sole Administrator of Ngor Okpala Local Government Area on October 4, 2022.

In the letter, the community also accused Chief Nwosu of visiting government offices in Owerri and seeking recognition as the traditional ruler of the community.

They also accused a judge of allowing such a flawed matter in his court because of his personal relationship with Nwosu.

According to them, the judge who was captured in a photograph in Nwosu’s house, could not have given any judgement that could go against his friend.

They noted that before the judge took up that suit, another judge had equally stated that the first monarch of the community should hail from Umuwaoma Obiangwu, where James Diala hails from.

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They therefore vowed to resist any attempt to recognize Nwosu as the traditional ruler of the community.

According to them, if Rochas Okorocha’s pronouncement should fail to stand, then, James Diala should be pronounced as the traditional ruler in accordance with Obiangwu Town Union constitution.

They noted that before that judgement, there was a subsisting matter involving the concerned villages and persons including Nwosu as defendants.

In the letter signed by Chief Okere Fidelis Ndu; the regent, Prince Monday Mgbemena; SA(Markets) to Ngor Okpala North Development Centre, Chukwuma Anuforo, among others, the community said, “We the good people of Obiangwu Autonomous Community in Ngor Okpala LGA (concerned citizens) wish to draw the attention of Your Excellency, the executive governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma to the clandestine plan to cause bloodshed, breakdown of law and order in Obiangwu.

 “There is an urgent need to stop this very desperate man from causing anarchy and bloodshed in Obiangwu Autonomous Community as the information reaching us claims that he is going around government offices, trying to convince and confuse government officials to recognize him as the traditional ruler (Eze) of the community by brandishing copies of a clandestine, tricky and sectional court judgment he has just obtained at Owerri High Court in which the major and the most senior sections of the community was not involved or part of. 

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“Any attempt to accord recognition to this Chief G.C Nwosu, is bound to cause confusion, anarchy breakdown of law and order, including bloodshed in Obiangwu Autonomous Community.

“We feel it is the duty of government to ensure that justice and equity are served to all sections of the community in Obiangwu and beyond, to avert a breakdown of law and order.

“Egbelu Obiangwu which is the most senior section of the community was never notified or made part of the suit which Chief G.C Nwosu is now brandishing its judgement before government officials as representing the whole of Obiangwu Community. 

“This is very misleading and capable of causing anarchy, breakdown of law and order, perhaps, including bloodshed in Obiangwu Community.

“Our plea and prayers are:

“That government should ignore Chief G.C Nwosu’s trap and trick and ask him to wait until Suit No HOW/562/18 before Justice Njaka in Owerri High Court is concluded, since it involves all the three (3) sections, and represents the interest of the whole community as against his own sectional Court judgement which involved him and Mr. Samuel Ordu only.

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“The people of Obiangwu need peace, hence the need to allow all the litigations concerning the Ezeship stool to be concluded before according anybody recognition.

“There can only be peace in Obiangwu if all the litigations are allowed to be concluded and a clear winner emerges.

“Any attempt to accord recognition on anybody, including Chief G.C. Nwosu when there is still a subsisting case in which he is one of the defendants and he is participating actively in the court case, will be met with total resistance, physical fighting and perhaps, will lead to something unimaginable.

“We, the concerned citizens of Obiangwu solidly believe and trust in the tested wisdom of our amiable governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma. And that Senator Hope Uzodimma, the governor of Imo State that we know cannot be deceived or tricked into according recognition to any person when there is still a pending or subsisting case on the matter/stool of Obiangwu Autonomous Community”.


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