Anglican Prelate Laments Nigeria’s 62 Years Of Wasted Opportunities


The Anglican Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev. David O. C. Onuoha, has blamed the sufferings in Nigeria to unrealized dreams, killed visions, wasted opportunities, squandered resources and betrayed hopes.

Archbishop Onuoha made the assertion on Saturday, while flagging off the Second Provincial Council Meeting of the church in 2022, at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Umuokanne, Ohaji/Egbema local council area of Imo State.

The cleric said: “Obviously, these 62 years of independence have seen us do what we ought not have done, while flatly failing to do what we ought to have done.

“As we reflect on our journey so far as a nation, may we see the next general elections in Nigeria as an opportunity to make amends.

“Let us resolve to stop deceiving ourselves or allowing others to deceive us.

“Making mistake of being deceived either by party, religion, ethnicity, money, material items or gratifications for personal comfort, as has always been the case, will only compound our problems and may lead to the consequences that the country may not recover from.”

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He reiterated his belief that 2023 remains “a definitive year for Nigeria and her citizens.

Archbishop Onuoha also warned that “the vultures are gathering to finish whatever is left of this country, if things go their way”.

His words: “Nigerian citizens have a lot to do, to bring about the rebirth of our nation. Anybody, who has in one way or the other, been touched by the prevailing hardship, insecurity and hopelessness, must rise up now, to persuade those in his sphere of influence, to be on the side of God, to elect a leadership that will work with God, for the good of Nigerians.

“Rather than the usual practice of sharing money and attacking opponents, we expect to see the opportunity presented by the current electioneering campaign, to be used to address nagging problems besetting this nation, as well as showcasing the candidate’s capacity, competence and character, to deal with these issues.

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“Christians and Moslems should be encouraged to go and pray in their places of worship and in their homes, for a new Nigeria.

“Above all, we must convince ourselves that this election is not North versus South or Christians versus Moslems, but the rich versus the poor, the powerful versus the weak, the lords versus the vassals.

“Since poverty does not respect any religion, the poor in both religions should unite in this election, against those who have been troubling the land.”

He further reasoned that since insurgency, kidnapping and other forms of criminality are in every part of the nation, those affected in any way by this in the North, should unite with their brothers in the South, against those who not only benefit from this unfortunate situation, but also use it to advance their political career.

Onuoha said: “Our security agencies should pause and ask if aiding and abetting rigging, since the history of elections in Nigeria, has in any way, been of benefit to them.

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“Perhaps, the huge casualties they have suffered in the hands of insurgents and criminals, may have been less, if they had insisted on the emergence of good leadership, through free and fair elections.

“The judiciary is not left out in this call for self examination. If the effect of bad governance has not spared them, they should now stand up for judicial pronouncements that pursue what is good and not what is right. Our law officers should not allow legal technicalities to rub our society of good judgement.”


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