Natacha Akide, also known as Tacha, is a BBNaija star and reality television personality who experienced racism during her trip to Dubai.

This comes after she described an embarrassing incident that happened at a Dubai international airport a few days ago.

Tacha shared details of another incident she had in Dubai on her Instagram account. The drama queen let out her rage over a racial incident.

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Tacha’s post on Facebook implied that she got into a dispute with someone who was a different colour.

Tacha noted that she is not intimidated by anyone’s racial colour, stating the same blood runs through their body.

She wrote: “Some of these white people must really think they’re SPECIAL!

“Hello, I don’t give an F about your colour! Your fck&&ng blood is red like mine! E no fit work for me! Nah u can’t intimidate me! NOT in this NOT in the next LIFE AFRICA, we need to fix up and fix UP FAST!”.


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