A former deputy governor of Imo State, Ezeakonobi Madumere has cautioned against tribal sentiments beclouding people’s reasoning as they exercise their franchise next year.

Madumere gave the advice in a post on his verified Facebook page on Friday, August 26.

The Mbieri-born politician urged Nigerians not to lose faith but to remain focused and determined in the face of perilous times they find themselves.

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According to the former Chief of Staff, Imo State Government House, the assertion that hardship is temporary while tough people always conquer still remains valid.

He expressed absolute confidence in God to help Nigerians navigate through the twists and turns of the horrendous times that stare them in the face.

Madumere maintained that the country must get it right this time in terms of leadership but counseled that all must contribute their quota towards the enthronement of the right leadership at all levels.

According to him, what matters most should be the antecedents of the people offering themselves for leadership positions and not necessarily their ethnic or tribal origins.

The former deputy governor submitted that Nigerians should rise above voting for a person because he has same blood affinity.

Hear him; “Good morning my friends, I trust that God has kept you in sound health. Keep keeping faith and remain focused and determined. Truly, we are in perilous times but the saying that Tough Times don’t last but Tough people do remains valid…

“While we pass through these horrendous times, I pray God grant you all the grace to conquer.

“Above all, we must all think deeply on the way forward. Leadership is the beginning and it begins with me (us).

“We must begin to look at the antecedents of who we support and cast our votes for. Get ready to join hands with other well-meaning Nigerians to change the narrative.

“It is not about the story of how he has been your brother. If your brother is evil, call him by his name but if your neighbour is good, you must acknowledge him and allow him the responsibility of taking the lead.

“I pray God grant you favour in all your endeavors in Jesus name – Amen!”


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