Ochemba lists qualities of new Ideato federal lawmaker


 A community leader from Ntueke Community in Ideato South Local Government Area of Imo State, Johnpaul Ochemba, on Wednesday broke his silence on who will represent Ideato Federal Constituency at the National Assembly in 2023.

Ochemba who spoke to journalists maintained that he is watching the masses where they are going first before he makes his statement.

 When asked about who he is supporting for Ideato Federal Constituency seat election, Ochemba however passed the ball to journalists.

 He said; “I will give journalists an assignment to go round Ideato Federal Constituency and check who among the candidates that is most qualified to represent the people.

“It is not coming out that is the problem but what they have done for their people in the area of their specialization. How many people have they empowered? As a civil servant, how many people benefitted from you?

“As businessmen, how many schools have they gone to encourage the students and empower them? How many traders did they encourage in the past?

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“During your fact-finding outing, these pertinent issues should be addressed: if anyone empowers people from his community only, then he should contest for councillorship election; those that empowered people from their LGA, should  contest for Ideato South or  Ideato North constituency seat election; and for those aspirants running for House of Representatives, they should show how many people from Ideato South and Ideato North they have  empowered before”.

Ochemba further stressed that most of them who have not done anything for traders before now pretend and go to the market to dance with same traders in the name of politics, describing them as fake.

He added; “I want journalists to help me check properly; let’s see the best among them to support for the position because I don’t want what happened many years ago to happen to our Federal Constituency again. Take this assignment very seriously”.


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